Crimea holiday – dedicate one day of your holiday to Alupka Palace

Alupka Palace – a must during a holiday in Crimea!

A holiday in Crimea sounds like a madness at the moment. They probably all know why. However, guided by our belief that positive thoughts also play an important role in improving things, we have decided today to represent Alupka Palace for you. Once the time has come again for a relaxed visit to this country, one would have to go there. In addition, Alupka Palace is also a great sight from the point of view of architectural history. Although practically all tour operators have cancelled their offers for Crimea holidays and trips to this country, we can always get there with pictures, stories and imagination. Because the country does not deserve to be connected again and again only with the war. Built in the 20’s of the 19th century, the inhabitants owe the construction of this palace to Count Voronzow. However, as is often the case in this region of the world, the architect was someone from the West who had been attracted to Russia by exciting new orders. It was the Englishman with the name Edward Blor. Completed in 1840, the building has three different wings. They served as a library, a central part, one with dining rooms and kitchens, one for the privacy of the lords and one for their servants.

No less remarkable is the wonderful park that has been built around the library. In the eyes of many visitors, it is the main attraction. Great is the way in which the local flora species have been successfully integrated into the overall great concept. These are for example Pisatcia Vera, PinusnigraPallasiana, Punicagranatum, Qzercuspubescens. They were supplemented with many evergreens and conifers. A variety of more than 260 plant species was reached. The project of the park was realized by the landscape architect Karl Kebach, but continued after his death (1851). We just said that some people find the park a bigger sight than the palace itself. But actually we are talking about the subjective perception. If you don’t enter the palace either, you would at least unconsciously find the park much more beautiful thanks to its presence. The opposite is just as true. The unified concept creates an extraordinarily appealing way to unite many different styles. They come from the region with its emotionality and warmth, but also from the West and bring everything to a higher level through the typical English formality. The eastern feeling for harmony is also expressed in the geographical orientation. The hills that can be seen from here are copied in the park. The palace and the hills themselves have an east-west orientation. Within this uniform general picture, each wing and each garden terrace have their own character. You will surely have to sacrifice at least one day from your Crimean holiday to be able to see this landscape in detail. Hopefully it will soon be so far that you can travel there quietly.

Crimea holiday – sights from the history of architecture

A little history

A park to fall in love with

One should experience the palace in all its splendour

A view of the hills


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