Comfortable blanket patterns for our babys (knitting)

Hello friends; Today I found both useful and simple models. Below are blanket ideas and instruction that keep our babies warm. Our babies will sleep in peace with these comfortable blankets.

*This beautiful so looks
gives a lovely, textured look for baby blankets, large blankets and other projects. It’s also great for beginners!

Striped Baby Blanket Pattern PDF Format Click Here

Lovely stitch! Great instruction as usual! So clear and concise expression!

Yes This Wonderful, stitch I’m looking forward to making. I’m making it in a chunky yarn and it’s growing quickly, such a beautiful stitch it’s going to make a very warm knee rug.



Knit Diagonal Pattern Baby Blanket PDF Click Here

This is a super easy pattern

I recommend to everyone this pattern so much, because you don’t have to cast on tons of stitches!

I love this blanket. I’m make it so easy. Follow my instructions to easily knit the blanket
I’ve made 2 of these, so easy to do

This is something you would like to try out.
for a beginner so much fun blanket.


I like this model …

I started knitting for my twins.

Make It Yours Pocket Pal Blanket Pattern PDF Click Here

I love the way you start off thi pocket blankets. Easy to follow instructions and it all made sense. I am on row five and it looks amazing!

I wanted to do it for my baby in yellow and purple. Keeps her legs warm with her glamorous beauty and very easy.




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