Christmas travel – a short holiday as a Christmas present!

Traveling over Christmas – where to go?

Do you want to travel to Christmas this year? Would you like to choose a great destination, which has a world character, is tried out by many tourists and always offers you good experiences. Here are some super cities that could offer you all this. They all have very different characters, but one thing in common. At Christmas you will have the feeling of being one with the whole world.

Travel to Madrid, Spain, over Christmas

Spaniards do everything at the highest level. Christmas is no different. Let’s start with the Big Show in Metro Opera on December 15th. Everything starts with that. From this point on other big shows follow one after the other. During the Christmas season, there are many traditional festivals here, which spread a quite warm and unique character. If you want to travel to this unique place over Christmas, then you will be able to experience “real” Christmas as we imagine it to be. You will have a lot of snow and spend the festivities with your family or with a wide circle of friends in great, cosy huts. Of course you also have the possibility to ski. This is a spectacular Christmas destination. The American metropolis has a lot to offer with its unbelievably glamorous character, which is well known from the movies. If you want to combine a real Christmas with great French sounds, then Quebek is the place for you. Let’s go back to Europe. Here we also have wonderful winter nature, which carries the spirit of the festival in a wonderful way. But there is also the fact that you can travel to a historical city for Christmas. Because the Christmas markets are unique. Yes, we have already talked in some articles about the possibility of going to Paris for Christmas. We want to emphasize this again. Because here you have a special shine and very strong and at the same time fine traditions. When you travel to Paris for Christmas, you also give yourself great culinary and cultural experiences. There’s something selfish about it, but at the same time it’s great that you’re lying on the beach while you’re freezing at home. Yes, you could experience that in Cancuc. Yes, you might miss the snow a bit. But the lake and all the advantages of summer will make the pain quite bearable. Let’s stay with the exotic resorts and get this over with. Because it has become fashionable in recent times to spend your Christmas holidays in warm, exotic places. Oh yes, and here you could already see the snow-covered mountain peaks in the distance. So you would be able to enjoy this aspect of Christmas in some way.

Another kind of Christmas you can experience in Venezuela

A great idea for Christmas: to spend the holiday in San Antonio!

Many little lights at the Christmas Market in Vienna


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