Christmas break – discover new, interesting destinations!

Ideas for a Christmas break in Europe

You may have many objections to the EU, but one thing is certain: travelling has become very easy and you can make short holidays easy, cheap and practically to all corners of the old continent.  People from other continents who are taking a longer or a short holiday to Europe for Christmas appreciate this: You can experience festivity and culture at the same time. Culture and traditions fill the decorations, accessories and festive atmosphere all over Europe. While drinking mulled wine at the Christmas market, you can listen to songs that have been sung for centuries. Here you can still find quite cheap offers. A great bargain – who wouldn’t want such a thing? Beautiful places are just waiting to be discovered by tourists. The travel offer for Christmas is really big.


We would now like to introduce you to some striking destinations. But remember that in connection with these special places, you can also visit smaller cities or discover not so well known places. So we want to give you a starting point for your Christmas break. We leave the rest to you.

Christmas break in London

A Christmas break in London is certainly a very good idea. Great street lighting and puddings are striking for the stay in this period here. Furthermore, you have great opportunities for winter entertainment and shopping. Just strolling through the shopping centres is a lot of fun. Because here you have great figures, which will remind you the Christmas story again and again.

Spend a Christmas break in Krakow

Meanwhile, the short holiday to Krakow for Christmas is super popular. One experiences a great atmosphere here. A visit to the old town is a pure pleasure. Did you also know that one of the best European Christmas markets is located here? During your short holiday in Krakow you could also catch Mikolai, the Polish Santa Claus. Many countries are known for their wonderful Christmas markets. They have a great, warm character everywhere. But you have your own unforgettable aspects and it is well worth visiting them. Choose Italy, France, Spain, Scandinavia or anything else as your Christmas holiday destination! Wherever you go, but in Paris you could feel the spirit of Christmas better than anywhere else. Because here you have cathedrals, churches and much more that is linked to traditions. Paris with Notre Dame is, of course, something you have to see once in your life.  A Christmas break in Italy will also offer you magical experiences. In the different places there are many special traditions that are not to be missed. Here you can find interesting orthodox traditions and many festivals. Also in this season this antique country is uniquely beautiful. When we are in Europe for a Christmas holiday, we would like to recommend you to visit the Tivoli Garden in Koppenhagen. The famous entertainment park is known all over the world and is the result of a 150 year old tradition.

Discover Tallinn, Estonia as a holiday destination for Christmas

Other destinations for an unforgettable Christmas holiday in Europe


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