Chocolate-Coated Cinnamon Almonds

Chocolate-Coated Cinnamon Almonds

At Christmas we joked if we should hide the presents outside in this beautiful weather. So for the case that we should sit indoors at Easter with temperatures below zero and snow as a compensation…
At that time it was funny, now it seems to become sad reality. And the existence of Karmagöttern seems thereby also ever more probable… 😉
But hey: Think positive! After all, this also means that the cinnamon season is not over yet! And I can also give away some more of these delicious chocolate cinnamon almonds at Easter.
And even a lot of nibbling. Because thanks to the sweet Hex Karin, I finally know that you don’t have to buy them for a lot of money, but can simply make them yourself! The ingredients, sometimes more, sometimes less modified, have been available since then, sometimes within a very short time, a huge amount of chocolate-coated almonds as a last-minute gift or to eat yourself:

Ingredients (for 3 gift portions, about 500 g)

– Almonds (300 g good nibble almonds, no baked almonds)
– Powdered sugar (200 g – possibly a little more)
– Milk chocolate / chocolate couverture (150 g)
– Cinnamon (1/2 TL)

Preparation (twice about 10 minutes working time, in total about 40 minutes)

Sieve the icing sugar.

Mix 80g of the powdered sugar with the cinnamon.

Carefully heat the almonds together with this icing sugar-cinnamon mixture in a coated pan and caramelise.
That only looks like a lot of sugar, but when it melts, it’s not that much 😉

Mix the almonds well with the sugar so that they are lightly caramelised all around.

Then spread the caramelized almonds on some baking paper.
Ideally, they should hardly touch each other from the beginning – otherwise let them cool slightly and then separate them from each other.

While the almonds cool down, chop the chocolate and melt in a bowl in a water bath.
When the chocolate is liquid, remove the bowl from the water bath and mix the almonds well with the chocolate so that they are covered all around with chocolate.

Put the remaining icing sugar in a Tupper bowl.
Add the chocolate coated almonds.
Spread some icing sugar on top of the glued chocolate almonds.
And now: Put the lid on and shake vigorously until the almonds have separated from each other and are covered all around with icing sugar.
Take a look in between and separate the remaining almonds by hand – and shake again.

Then simply leave to cool fully in the open tupper.

And pack as you like – or just eat yourself 😉


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