Chic Design Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Master Bathroom

The area in front of the house is now completely bricked and plastered, but not yet completely dry. But the entrance gate is already in work …

On Monday was the start of the attack on the main bath. Dismantle, remove old tiles, chisel the floor, renew drains and pipes …. Of course, I’ll take photos of the steps of the day and report on them. But I’ll tell you something: There will be no standard bathroom and tiles are only for the floor and the shower area thought …. The (big!) Challenge is to make the almost 6 square meters and modern with individual charm. Hopefully my previous paper ideas for both projects agree with the final result ?? !!

We are just not quite sure if we should really use an armature in the wall (like in the photo) or a tower next to the sink.


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