Capital Slovakia – a fairytale-like country worth a trip

The capital of Slovakia – Bratislava and other great sights in the country

Slovakia and its capital Bratislava are among the underestimated tourist destinations within Europe. This small country has collected so much of Europe’s greatest cultural heritage and can offer its guests a lot of interesting things. The mountains and small towns are pure fairy tales in Slovakia. You will certainly enjoy the atmosphere and attitude of the people there… In any case, we would like to encourage you to come to Bratislava. The many small picturesque cities in Slovakia have their own charm. As always, we have decided to write a rather short report. Therefore we decided for a total of 3 examples of great sights. We hope that you will understand from them how worth seeing Slovakia and its capital are. We will then leave it up to you to decide whether you want to find out more or not. Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia is quite small, we think. But accordingly it is also very beautiful and cosy. It is located on the banks of the Danube. On the other side is Vienna. The two cities have coordinated the connections so well that they use the airport in the Austrian capital together. Bratislava is one of the most recently built capitals on the whole continent. What you should definitely visit here is Bratislava Castle, which is also the city’s landmark. Five bridges cross the Danube in the city area, they differ from each other according to their architectural style and construction period, but all five are beautiful and belong to the sights of the city. Also famous is the UFO restaurant, which overlooks the whole city. The old town is small, but also very interesting and worth seeing. There are very interesting, lively looking bronze sculptures directly on the street. They arouse a very special interest with the tourists. The baroque Michael’s Gate (Mihalskabrana) and the main square are also interesting and cosy places. The parliament of the country is also worth seeing… But to be honest, the building is not very impressive. This is also the dominant opinion among the locals, who call attention to it with humour. The castle Devin and the museum of the clocks are further objects of interest in the capital of Slovakia, which are worth a visit.  In our opinion, in Slovakia you fall in love less with the capital than with the small towns and nature. This people still liked to live in direct contact with the latter. In the smaller towns there are many hills and houses are built on them. From almost everywhere you can easily experience a mountain range or a village with beautiful nature. The high Tatras represent the most beautiful sights within the natural landscape. Lakes, forests and interesting animal species can be seen and experienced here.Slovenski Rai means Slovak Paradise and that is the name of the national park of this country. Gorges, caves and waterfalls are striking for the mountain ranges here. There are a lot of footpaths here, which have a total length of about 300 kilometres.

Be careful when walking.

The Devin Castle

Enjoy a cocktail in the old town of Bratislava

Slovenian Rai

Experience the inner harmony in the high Tatras


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