Blue Lagoon Island – a dream destination for fun and relaxation

The Magic of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Liquid, hazy lava came out about 800 years ago during the eruption of a volcano. This happened in a region half an hour away from today’s Reykjavik. It is now the Blue Lagoon of Iceland, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Actually, you don’t need to lose much time to understand why this is the case. Here 6 million litres of water were collected. You can’t visualize this amount until you can’t see it in Google from a bird’s-eye view, when you realize that it’s really a lot. Heated by the earth, the Blue Lagoon of Iceland looks like an infinitely large field in the same colours. From a health point of view, it’s even okey to immerse your head in it. But this is certainly bad for your hair. It is somewhat frightening to realize that the water from about 2000 meters under the earth comes to the surface. At the same time, one feels well taken care of in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. This is ensured by the modern facilities, which make the drawing out of the natural resources even better. Such are the showers from which minerals, silicon and algae flow.  Let’s now pay some attention to the design aspect of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. Typically in the Nordic style, we proceeded in a minimalist way in order to show the beauty of nature to its best advantage. Basically, we are dealing here with a network of beam systems of the highest aesthetic and functional form. Would you like to enjoy the sight of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon at night? Then remember the Blue LagunClinic Hotel. Its architecture and design are a sight in themselves. In the Islands Blue Lagoon you don’t have to worry about your safety. Life savers are always at your side. It is important that you bring a swimsuit with you. You even need it in the saunas. Finally, we would like to share with you some interesting facts that we have found for the Islands Blue Lagoon. The water comes from the Svartsengi power station. You can see this in the distance when you are in the Blue Lagoon. The super hot water sets the electric turbines in motion. Then it goes through a heat exchanger to provide heat for the community heating system. Finally, we recommend that you simply enjoy the pictures of the Islands Blue Lagoon! Maybe your next trip will take you there as well!

A very popular destination also during the winter months

Convince yourself of the magic of the Blue Lagoon Islands

The blue watercolor is formed from the silica content

Blue Lagun Klinik



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