Beautiful Point Of View:Eye Make up

Today I’m going to eye make up show you a very simple look I totally. Using some of my favourite eyeshadows by Sugarpill and some amazing purple glitters I got a while back! Not exactly an appropriate look for the current season but don’t worry. Really really nice look. I think good for all ages and a quick prep when you want to get out the door.

I am very satisfied with this new achievement, the sugar-sweet packaging is simply a special joy when applying make-up :-)In addition, all colors are very pastel matt. I think that’s really great!

Of course, such treasures have to be tried out immediately 😀 I first tried out the classic colours for green-eyed ones (purple)….

I used the second row from below and the baby blue above (so Blueberry Cream, Elderberry, Cassis, Lavender Honey and Violet Whip). The eye shadows are of medium opacity/pigmentation, but can be built up with several layers. They have a good durability on the eye (I wore them with primer for a whole day, and they looked absolutely like fresh make-up before removing them).


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