Back Training: That’s How Effective Are “Swing Bar Exercises”?

Hello, I hope your body be in the best form, we collected this information about training back and that’s how effective are swing bar exercises?

Orthopedist Dr. Schneider evaluates ten common back training programs. With a special index, the spine specialist evaluates how effective the exercises are. It ranges from 1 to 5 – from the minimum to the maximum effect. How the training works and what it does: This device is about one and a half meters long, there are weights at both ends. The user clings to the pole and makes it vibrate with hand movements. The vibration ensures that deep lying muscle groups in the upper body are repeatedly tensioned and relaxed – in rapid alternation. Just try it for one time until you can catch the best result about doing it.

Dr. Schneider: “This activates the back ex tensors, neck muscles and shoulder area, among other things. The vibration strengthens the spine and improves posture.” By the way, the vibrating pole is also very suitable for abdominal muscle training.

For whom the training is suitable: An ideal training method for the living room – everyone understands after short guidance. The vibrating pole is not expensive, costs depending upon model starting from 20 euro. “The training has a nice side effect: If you do it consistently, it paves the way to the six-pack belly,” Dr. Schneider knows. (From the simplest of useful ways).

What you have to keep in mind: With the vibrating bar you “only” do something for your upper body, so it can quickly become a bit monotonous. That’s why it makes sense to combine this method with other types of training. every simple exercise you think it possible to combine with this.

This is how much time you have to invest in order for the training to be effective: Best 10 to 15 minutes daily. Or as part of a one-hour combined course in the gym, in which you should participate once or twice a week. You know your abilities and your body better than anybody OK you can increase this time for practice.

good luck.


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