Another Little Coffee Bean Cardigan

OMG. it’s so adorable that I can’t wait to make it just beautiful & they way you explain loved it.  I love everything that has to do with knitting, crochet and homemade and if you love it too, you are just right with me. I show you what I have already conjured up and hope that some more things will come into being, I can show it to you. I am happy if one or the other is interested in a piece.

I finished another little coffee bean cardigan, this time. For those of you on ravelry, I would well recommend getting a copy of the download as it is such an easy and straight forward pattern, with lovely results.

They set so nicely, the cardigan doesn’t need too much blocking at all (none done in the photos! I prefer to knit children’s clothes and in this way as in the picture. I have learned and copied this way of knitting from my mother, who for many years has been needleing these jackets and sweaters up and down on the assembly line in all possible versions.

Completed 🙂 my child’s jacket is finished. Used about 2 balls of the plum and 1 of the red , and love the way it turned out. The fact there is no seaming either is even better!



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