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The countries of south-eastern Europe certainly represent a rather unknown territory for western travellers. Without a doubt, Albania and Montenegro must also be included. These two countries remain unknown to Western Europeans, not only because of their geographical location, but also because their history and culture are still untapped by tourism. Perhaps this is to a large extent due to political conditions in a not so well forgotten past. But let us turn the disadvantage into an advantage. Unknownness and, in part, bad ideas can make the beauties appear as a wonderful new discovery of their own. What could be more exciting for a person who likes to travel than to discover an enchanting secret destination? So you can feel at ease upon arrival at some of the beautiful places of Albania and Montenegro. Would you like to make a spontaneous trip in May? If you are looking for cheap travel options first, then consider a trip to Montenegro and Albania. Of all the seasons, the month of May is certainly the most suitable. In Albania, for example, there is beautiful nature and forests. They are now very green. But in May there are still not very high temperatures here, which are typical for the summer and for many hikers almost unbearable. The landscape of the two countries is beautiful almost everywhere. Driving between the different cities is a great pleasure. If you were on your way to Tirana, you would experience the same. Many of the main routes leading to the capital are also in very good condition. But before you arrive in Tirana, it is worth visiting Elbasan. It is a city with a rather industrial character. After all, there is a beautiful landscape around it. Furthermore you can experience some great sights. Especially recommendable is the old Roman fortress, which has been turned into a great tourist attraction. One can also enjoy great local cuisine there.

It can be said that Tirana can be described in certain ways as an open-air museum. The buildings date from the time of Enver Hoxha, the former Albanian communist leader. This was a dark time in Albanian history. But actually their remains, in the form of architectural works only exotic. The city is very lively, varied and there are many young people. The contrast with the new modern buildings also contributes greatly to this. If you have the right attitude, you will experience the language barrier as something beautiful, not as something disturbing. Because you will learn many new words from one of the most unique languages in the world. Did you know that Albanian is not related to any other language? A truly mystical fact… Around Tirana you will also find many other modern houses, which have been built a little further away and therefore closer to nature. The global tendency to live in the suburbs of the big city has also gained a foothold here. The landscape will change rapidly as you enter Montenegro. Here it is not so much the forests that come to the fore, but the mastering and unique silhouettes of the mountains. They could be compared to camomile cams. The country is small and you can reach the Adriatic coast relatively quickly. Let’s move on from the theme of the Albania trip to the Montenegro trip. You can drive from Tirana quite unproblematically into this neighbouring country. You need less than one day…

Budwa is one of the cities that we think should be visited during a trip to Montenegro. From there you could make a trip to the Croatian Dubrovnik. It is close enough, if you leave tomorrow morning, you will be back in Budwa in the evening. Allow yourself a few days here to enjoy the mystical and unique nature. The Skutar Lake is also one of the great natural beauties that you must not miss during your trip to Albania. This is best reached from the town of Petrowats. From there you have to drive in the direction of Budwa. Or vice versa. In any case, one kilometre before/after Petrowats there is an exit which leads in the direction of the capital – Podgoritsa. You have to take this exit. It is best to use the new tunnel Sozina. It is somewhere in the middle of the road between Petrovats and Bar.  This tunnel alone is a sight in itself. It is almost 4200 meters long. At some point you will come to an exit to Wirpazar. But you could easily miss it. Be attentive as soon as you notice railway tracks on the side. Soon afterwards the exit comes. After a few kilometres you are already there. There are already providers of boat trips, restaurants and bedrooms waiting. They are not obtrusive. Take business cards, ask for the way and decide later.

Albania Travel – Beautiful Routes
Tirana – an open-air museum

To the Montenegro trip

The new tunnel

The Shkodra Castle


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