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9 Super-Creative Kid Room Decorations to Transform Your Child’s Personal Space

9 Kid Room Decorations that are Full of Charm

We all want our children to play the game, do their homework, sleep and dream and have a bright, entertaining, original and above all a normal room.
As a team of architects at home we will try to inspire you with our ideas children’s room decoration proposals to create a perfect living space for little people.Decorate the nursery by integrating the things your child enjoys most and giving it a place that would define its personality. With simple materials, available in stores, together with a few simple tools, you can make beautiful decorations for the children’s room yourself. Here are some ideas for you.

As a child’s interests can often change, it is important to choose wooden furniture so that you can easily repaint it. Simple furniture is suitable for boys and girls and is easy to modify to fit varied themes.
You can decorate your own curtains with old sheets and coloured fabrics. Use fabric paint and stencils so you don’t need any artistic skills.

The walls can be painted in any colour to match the theme of the children’s room. Use beautiful pictures such as clouds, cars, dolls and a variety of wall tattoos. Don’t worry that the wall can become the focal point of the room, as you can always repaint the walls as changes in the theme occur.

Use dolls, robots, cars or sports equipment in a creative way. Use these objects to complete the look of the children’s room. A clock made of coloured pencils, hot-air balloons made of paper lanterns, plastic glasses as coat hooks… the ideas are countless. And if you made the decoration for the children’s room yourself, the whole room would look more personal.

1. Spring Flowers for Your Bundle of Joy

Spring Flowers for Your Bundle of Joy

2. Chart a Child’s Height in Style

Chart a Child's Height in Style

Life size ruler for every child in your life! This is a noble way to measure a child’s height without damaging or ruining walls, and it looks like a beautiful piece of wall decor, yet all at the same time. The advantage of being removable can ensure that it will stay in the family forever. This would make a perfect baby shower gift! We like to dye the piece what color you desire, use a font that fits your kids style, or throw in additional designs that you imagine.

3. A Pink Flamingo’s Delight

A Pink Flamingo's Delight

4. Bows, Bows, and More Bows

Bows, Bows, and More Bows

5. Keep Your Hairbows in Order

Keep Your Hairbows in Order

6. Make Diaper Changing a Stylish Affair

Make Diaper Changing a Stylish Affair

You can put the clothes, diaper and much more inside a small room with the right planning. Set up a small cabin with a changing mat above. Hang a clothes rail and a shelf over it. Through baskets can contribute in addition to the good organization. In soft bags you can keep all the stuff you need for wrapping within reach.
Instead of having three pushchairs for different occasions, you should rather bet on one that will serve several different purposes. A high chair that can also be used afterwards in terms of functionality is clearly much better than an item that you will throw out. All kinds of multi-part sets will take up a lot of space in your house! Avoid them as much as possible!

7. Handmade and Nature-Made Functional Nursery Arrangement

Handmade and Nature-Made Functional Nursery Arrangement

As already mentioned, shelves are true storage space wonders. So that your home can always be tidy, tidy and cozy, you have to store a lot of your stuff somewhere. For this reason, storage space is enormously important and is an indispensable part of any household.

8. The Pirate’s Treasure is This Way

The Pirate's Treasure is This Way

9. A Cozy Nest for Nightly Adventures

A Cozy Nest for Nightly Adventures

You must not forget anything essential from the functional side: The boys should have space to sleep, read and rest. All this must be done in a meaningful and well-organized way within the available space and the selected topic.


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