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52 Of the Most Inspiring Christmas Tree Designs


Do you want to have a brand new and colorful Christmas tree in your home on New Year’s Eve? If you are bored with ordinary and similar Christmas tree decorations and you are in search of a different, original Christmas tree concept, we have some extremely beautiful Christmas tree concept ideas for you. You can read more about the modern Christmas tree decoration ideas that can be suitable for every kind of home decoration. We also told you how to make these decorations in our article. Let’s get started.

1. Romantic Roses

Romantic Roses

Some basic decorations are used in Christmas trees generally. Bright ornaments in the form of small gift boxes and bright round balls are some of these ornamental varieties. Have you ever thought to decorate your Christmas tree with romantic red roses? Red roses will provide a very nice harmony with your green christmas tree. What’s more, this Christmas tree is especially ideal for those who want to spend a romantic Christmas. If you want to spend a home celebration with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you should definitely try to decorate such a Christmas tree.

2. Simply Silver

Simply Silver

One of the first colors that might come to mind at the Christmas tree is the silver color. When combined with your silvery green christmas tree, it will create a very aesthetic and beautiful image. Moreover, because of the large number of silver ornaments, there are many decorations you can find. If you want to decorate your new year tree at an affordable price, you can use this method. Because silver-colored decorations are generally cheaper than other decorations. These ornaments will be placed between the branches of your new year tree with the help of a fine rope and will provide you with a warm, fun and rich decoration.

3. A Real Family Tree

A Real Family Tree

Have you ever thought about decorating your new year tree with your own pictures? Place your photographs in small and colorful frames. Connect these small, lightweight frames with the help of a rope. Then hang these frames on different points of your tree with the help of rope. After you do this, you can take a bright lamp from the rope around your Christmas tree. This will make your photos look more vibrant and beautiful under a romantic light. What’s more, this Christmas tree concept will draw a lot of attention because it is so different from the others.

Rustic Charm


5. A Fun Rainbow

A Fun Rainbow


6. Nordic Farmhouse Flair

Nordic Farmhouse Flair


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