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52 Best Bathroom Design Ideas


Create your dream best bath with these 52 inspirational designs

The bathroom was once just a simple tub filled with water in front of the fireplace in the living room; Bathing experience has become a cozy luxury for almost every home design. Back then, only privileged and wealthy people could afford a bathroom in their home and this trend led to the mass production of bathroom products and accessories. Thanks to the advanced sanitary system and modern technology, the bathrooms have evolved as much as possible. With hydrotherapy baths and luxurious steam rooms, it’s hard to imagine how sophisticated a bathroom could be. Here are popular styles for bathroom design; Country, Traditional, Contemporary, Shabby Chic and Fantasy.


To designing a bathroom with small space available is always a challenge. Most people use the bathroom as an escape and for relaxation from the demanding routine and tiresome that happens because a daily basis routine. If the bathroom cannot provide you with self-time relaxation without having to smash yourself against doors or walls, then it does not help at all. A jammed and tight space bathroom can be converted into a cozy room and provide a relaxation time for you by following a few Rinawatt intelligent tips. Effective layout together with perception is a perfect combination to create spacious looking bathroom.


1. A Tranquil Space for the Body and Spirit

A Tranquil Space for the Body and Spirit

Source: decorationofhome.net

Traditional style bathroom designs could be mean either Victorian or Edwardian style or a standard white bathroom with basic bath and sanitary. Almost always traditional style bathroom designs put the bath in the center as a piece of attraction, a sleeper bath or a free-standing roll-top sits beautifully on a dark hardwood floor. Either a free-standing faucet or a wall-mounted one looks classy. Curved angles and deep ridges are the reasons that make the traditional sanitary ware is masculine and bold. Both bold and soft tones colors can work great when decorating a traditional style bathroom designs; Strong tones of maroons, browns, and greens create a nice warmth to the bathroom and with the perfectly chosen paint, an antique gold color can look better than a chrome. Choose curtains, never use blinds and vanity unit with cherry or oak finish are better than a traditional pedestal and basin, or you can choose white Cynk vanity because it will look good with traditional toilets and baths.

2. Luxury in a Limited Space

Luxury in a Limited Space

Fantasy bathroom designs style is about anything more than conventional, this design allows you to be innovative with your tastes and fantasies. This bathroom design is exclusive for larger bathrooms only, all futuristic interior design with large open spaces is the factors that bring the room together. Whirlpool baths and steam cabins are an ideal choice for bathing and showering or you can combine a glass shower panel and well-designed bath screen. Waterproof television can be the ultimate luxury for fantasy bathroom designs.

3. Blue Coastal Bathroom Idea

Blue Coastal Bathroom

First important thing is the bathroom color; it plays a big role in giving a spacious feeling for small bathroom ideas. The use of lighter shades like pastels and whites can deliver space opens up looks. Using light tiles and large can helps in giving the small bathroom a great look, you can also use a large bathroom mirror such as mirrors that are from floor up to the ceiling and walls with striped design give the perception of height.

4. Flower Power Bathroom Design

Flower Power

Source: hgtv.com
Another crucial factor you need to plan is the selection of bathroom furniture, you need to look and shop around for small yet fitting bathroom furniture. One large piece of bathroom furniture that carefully selected can be used for your small bathroom ideas so the bathroom atmosphere appears airy. Shop for bathroom furniture based on your bathroom space available, in wall toilets is a good choice for small bathroom and it is easily maintained and easy to install and it can help in saving your small bathroom space as well.


5. Bringing the Great Outdoors Inside

Bringing the Great Outdoors Inside

Source: homify.pt

6. Rough Around the Edges

Rough Around the Edges

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