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50 Ways to Redeem Your Balcony Space


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The balcony is one of the most beautiful corners of a house. Especially for those who do not have a garden with their home, the balcony has a special meaning. If you want to have a close relationship with nature and the outside world when you are in home, you may want to use your balcony actively. Especially in summer and spring, when the balcony is used actively, it provides a wider perception of the house as well as that it provides new and useful space. Today, we have investigated different ideas of decorating your balcony modern and elegant. Recently, we have summarized some of the most popular balcony decoration ideas for you. You can adapt to your home as soon as possible by choosing from among the following decoration ideas.


1. Sunny Side

Sunny Side

If you have a balcony that can take the sun rays directly, this area can be an excellent time-consuming area. First, let your plants  take advantage of sun rays. You can put your plants, even small fruits and vegetables in this area. This will may create an aesthetic image. Growing and fed through healthy daylight, your plants will give you an aesthetic appearance and will be very useful for you as nutritions. For a natural and lively design, you can use different colors of decorations, chairs or stools on your balcony. Pots of different colors will also provide you with an extremely aesthetic look.

2. Scrap Wood

Scrap Wood

If you are looking for the idea of decorating a romantic balcony, we have the perfect idea for you. Using candles on your balcony, you can create a very romantic and special ambience. First, place a wooden platform on the wall of your balcony. Add some small racks to this platform. On these racks, make small cavities where you can place your candles. You can easily place your candles on these cavities and prevent your candles from falling over as a result of an accident. You can use candles of different colors and sizes as well as using a candle of the same color and size to create a simple image. On this platform you can also add different decorations in red or black colors to achieve a more impressive ambience. You can also add some small and thin plants on this platform. With the wooden platform you use, your plants in the flowerpot will provide an aesthetic harmony. In this way, the integrity of the decoration you get on your balcony will look better.

3. Micro-Park


4. Vertical Terra Cotta

Vertical Terra Cotta

If your balcony is narrow and you want to keep this space for yoursef and your guests, you need a new idea to place your plants in the pot in your balcony. How about hanging pots on your balcony? You can hang pots with some ropes or anchors hanging from the ceiling. Thus, pots do not occupy space and create an aesthetic image. This idea of decoration is an idea we can offer if you don’t have a small child in your home. This idea can be a bit dangerous for a house where young children live.

5. Modern Comfort

Modern Comfort

Source: crnobelo.com

6. Culinary Creations

Culinary Creations

7. Tiny space, Big color

Tiny space, Big color

Source: decocasadesign.ro

8. Private Oasis

Private Oasis

9. Upcycled Garden

Upcycled Garden

10. Home Extension

Home Extension

11. The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

12. The Hanging Garden

The Hanging Garden

13. Italian Flair

Italian Flair

Source: jardineriabordas.com

14. Deck Balcony

Deck Balcony

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