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50 Ways Of Creating An Enchanted Succulent Garden In Your Backyard


You can easily have sophisticated decoration using different decorative elements with different themes in the garden of your home. Different decorating ideas that we will talk about today are preferred by many people because they provide unusual themes, unlike any decoration idea. Especially those who have a house with garden can choose these special decoration ideas developed with different plant varieties. These plant varieties, which create a new generation of natural beauty with their colors and shapes, will make your garden look like Amazon forests and create a warm and decorative ambience.


1. Desert Ice Wonderland

Desert Ice Wonderland

You can turn a corner of your garden into a paradise by using a colorful and interesting plant waterfall. We recommend using a rustic flowerpot. You can plant many flowers in this flowerpot, which will be in large, light gray colors, and you can even use miniature trees. Take care to irrigate these plants at regular intervals and maintain these plants. You can spray your plants with polishing sprays at regular intervals to make your plants look brighter and more beautiful. In this way, you get both extremely bright plants and plants protect against external factors. For example, the biggest problem of the plants in the garden is that they are continually infested with bicek or ant. This spray prevents insects or ants from damaging the plants. Thanks to this kind of care and protection, your plants will grow rapidly in a very short time and will stay alive for very long periods of time.

2. Highway To Heaven

Highway To Heaven

3. Living Waters

Living Waters

4. Over Finnian’s Rainbow

Over Finnian's Rainbow

Hang a wooden frame at any point in your garden. Make sure that the frame is slightly larger and made of wood. Keep up with the decoration of your garden in the recent trend of wood goods, which has increased rapidly in recent years! Place large flowers in the frame you’ve hung on any corner of your garden. Note that you must cut the branches of the flowers before performing this placement. In this way, you can easily fix the head of the flowers inside the frame. You can perform this fixing with any needle or thread. You can also place artificial flowers in this frame to be permanent. Artificial flowers will stand in the way that you place them, and will certainly not deteriorate in any way. Therefore, artificial flowers can be preferred by many people for this decoration idea.

5. Rolling Along With My Wheelbarrow

Rolling Along With My Wheelbarrow


6. By The Wayside

By The Wayside

7. A Florentine Delight

A Florentine Delight

8. Caged But Wonderfully Free

Caged But Wonderfully Free

Have you ever thought about filling a cage with flowers to create an extremely rustic and aesthetic image? Recently used by many people in the garden decoration, these cages provide sophisticated decoration. We recommend that you use these cages in an old-fashioned way. This will create a different ambience. But if you want to create a more colorful and clearer image, you can of course paint different colors and make these cages brighter. Place colorful flowers in these cages. You can take advantage of the long branches of the flowers when you place the flowers. Do not forget to buy a cage as soon as possible to make this decoration happen!

9. Cinder Block Garden

Cinder Block Garden

Source: liptalk.com

10. By The Old Water Trough

By The Old Water Trough

Source: theownerbuildernetwork.co

11. My Hanging Garden

My Hanging Garden

12. A Desert Sphere

A Desert Sphere

13. Rosebuds In The Desert

Rosebuds In The Desert

14. By The Beautiful Sea

By The Beautiful Sea

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