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50 Modern Fireplace Ideas to Fall in Love With

50 Modern Fireplaces to Update a Whole Room

Build a home worth being excited about!

Happy Friday everyone ☺️🤗
I will be finishing sanding my staircase and it will hopefully be painted this weekend! I just can’twait for it to be done and out of the way now
If you stand on top of your kitchen island it makes it nice and easy to capture how the perfect furniture can transform a living room! Now it’s ready for you! This was one of the best choices we made. I hope your Friday is more exciting then mine 😅

1. Mirrored Glass Fireplace Idea

Mirrored Glass Fireplace Idea

I hope you all are having a wonderful day and looking forward to the weekend 😋I think it will be a nice sunny one here in West Sussex, or at least Sunday

😊Is it too early to open up BBQ season yet?

Source: decorideatr.com

2. Update on Tradition

Update on Tradition

I will be tidying up the house today and doing some more sanding fun on the landing stairs 😩Wish me strength and patience!
Source: highwayswest.com

3. Curved Stone Fireplace Design

Curved Stone Fireplace Design

When we had to choose our Hearth Slab for our fireplace I looked online first, and all I could find was thick ugly slabs which was definitely not to my taste. Ideally I wanted something stylish and at the same level with the flooring, so noone trips when walking past it 😅
When I asked our builder if we could cut the wood floor and insert tiles for the seamless look, he said he will try his best ( most likely quietly hating me for it ) 😅
But look at the result!! Don’t you think it looks AMAZING??!🥰
Source: guatemala.tecno-lite.com
4. Wood-burning Column

Wood-burning Column

They are usually small, dark and not so good looking ! 😜 when we did ours, we used mainly white with a splash of colour so it’s not as boring 😁
Simple.Easy.Playful ❤️
Source: projets.cotemaison.fr

5. Geometric Corner Artwork

Geometric Corner Artwork

My home is becoming like spring, even though we still have some snow outside 😂
I love using Geometric Shapes in Decorating…
Source: homearchdesign.com

6. Linear Divisions

Linear Divisions

Doing fireplaces justice!
If you are considering building a new home and want something amazing…PM us today and we will make it happen!
Source: claudinhastoco.com
7. Narrow Oval

Narrow Oval

The perfect fireplace to hunker down by during the snow apocalypse this weekend!
Source: theshabbycreekcottage.com

8. Color Block

Color Block

We knew this combination would be stunning, but in-person this goes above and beyond our expectations.
Source: amiecorley.com

9. Curved and Sculptural Modern Fireplace Design

Curved and Sculptural Modern Fireplace Design

Source: houseofturquoise.com
10. Wood Paneled Column

Wood Paneled Column

This is a great fireplace…
Source: modernspacestudio.com

11. Frame of Simplicity

Frame of Simplicity

Source: homeworlddesign.com

12. Clean and Simple Fireplace Idea

Clean and Simple Fireplace Idea

We love an abundant amount of natural light in our Homes! Natural light brings value in many ways.
Source: bartarinha.ir

13. Mad Men Style

Mad Men Style

Source: houzz.fr

14. Boxy Chic

Boxy Chic

Source: homeworkspaceideas.com

More modern fireplace design ideas on the next page…

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