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50 Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations for 2019 🎄


As New Year is approaching, do you want to make your home more aesthetic, decorating the outside of the home with Christmas ornaments? Many people make changes in their interior decoration of the house in general. In this way they try to add a fresh and young image to their house. However, the decoration of the outside of the house, or in other the decoration of entrway, is a part of the house where different atmosphere can be made. Exterior decorations can be applied both for detached houses and for apartments. Today we will look at the different decorating ideas we have arranged together with Christmas atmosphere. Let’s get started.


1. Hanging Lighted Flower Baskets

Hanging Lighted Flower Baskets Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Source: magetjooz.com

3. 4×4 Snowmen Christmas Decoration

4x4 Snowmen Christmas Decoration

4. Outdoor Living Room Or Patio Area

Outdoor Living Room Or Patio Area

If you have a house with a garden, you can place huge candles in the entrway section of your home. Cover these large candles with glass jars with air vents. Thus, you protect the candles against external factors. If there are no air holes on these glass jars, your candles will turn off immediately. Therefore, make sure there are air vents. You can place these large candles scattered in the entrway zone. If the upper part of your entrway area is closed and not affected by rain of snow, this decoration is ideal for you.

5. Pair of Boxwood Globes

Pair of Boxwood Globes Christmas Decoration for Outdoors

Place some large and green plants in front of your home. These large and green plants can also be miniature trees or large vines. Then beautify these big plants with red ribbons and red ornaments. You can also add lamps made of rope between these ornaments. If you place these plants on both sides of the door as shown in the photo, you can get a highly aesthetic and beautiful image.

6. Leafy Green Doorway and Wreath

Leafy Green Doorway and Wreath Decoration Idea

We have a very good suggestion for you. Have you ever thought about painting the exterior door of your house? A painted red door will reflect both the Christmas atmosphere and is extremely different and beautiful. If you’re bored with ordinary doors and ordinary houses, such an image can make you very happy. Add some Christmas decorations on your doorstep. For example, you can make a round ornament with some leaves from the pine tree and hang it on your door. The edges of your door can also be decorated with pine tree leaves and Christmas decorations.

7. Holiday Welcome Bench

Holiday Welcome Bench

8. Snowman Buddies

Snowman Buddies Christmas Decoration

How about building snowmen in front of the outside door of your house? Yes, snowmen immediately melt, and then they remain water in the place they were. But stop, we have a very different and beautiful decoration method! You can make permanent snowmen using white cottons and colorful fabrics! Combine the cotton in a snowman shape and then make a look at your snowman with the help of black buttons. Make a few snowmens side by side and put them on the edge of your door. In this way, you will have a more aesthetic and attentive entrway decoration. If you decide to implement this idea of decoration, remember that you can do it also inside your home. The idea of this decoration in your living room or in the children’s room can look very impressive and beautiful.

9. Lighted “FAMILY” Sign

Lighted FAMILY Sign for Christmas

Source: girly.today

10. Joyful Steps

Joyful Steps Christmas Outdoor Decor

11. “FA LA LA LA LA” Sign

Christmas Outdoor FA LA LA LA LA Sign Decoration

Source: hgtv.com

13. Spread Wreath Love

Spread Wreath Christmas Love Decoration

Source: homeditorial.com

14. Winter Directions Signs

Winter Directions Signs for Christmas Outdoors

Source: Pinteres

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