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50 Backyard Landscaping Ideas that Will Make You Feel at Home


If you have a house with garden and you want your garden to be aesthetically decorated, we have wonderful garden decoration ideas for you. With these ideas you can decorate different landscape regions in your garden. Landscape images give your garden both an aesthetic and a fairy-tale look. These images can make with the help of flowers or aesthetic stones. In some houses with large garden, this image can also be provided with trees. Today we will tell you a lot of landscape decorations that we like the most. If you want to examine them, be sure to read the rest of our article.




1. Mountains of Plants

Mountains of Plants

If you love plants and you have a large garden, how about doing a few ” plant mountain ” in this garden? This phrase may seem strange to you at first. However, this term is often used as an architectural term. You can create small mountain views with long and majestic plants that are overlapping each other. If you use colorful flowers you will get a much more beautiful ambiance. With this decoration idea, your garden will look more vibrant and modern. In addition, the floor of your garden is generally covered with grass, you will have a comfortable garden environment like the photo. Unfortunately, if you have a small garden, we cannot recommend this model. Because this model will generally look more aesthetically pleasing in large gardens. In addition, the use of this model in a narrow garden may make the garden unusable. Because this idea of decoration can take up a lot of space.

2. Wandering Paths Backyard Landscaping

Wandering Paths Backyard Landscaping

3. Focus on the Fire

Focus on the Fire

If you want to use your garden as a nice seating and meeting space, you can create comfortable round chairs and a comfortable cloth chair. These chairs that you will position under a tree will create a space that you can use at any time of day, even in sunny days. Make sure to go to this area through a landscape of stones. In this way, you will get a more aesthetic view and your plants will not be harmed in any way. In this decoration model, we see that the garden floor is completely covered with grass. Lawns show the garden floor clean and more well maintained. This well-kept image also offers a comfortable garden space. For example, in rainy weather, your garden is not sludge rapidly.

4. Finding Room for Color

Finding Room for Color

5. Design for First-Timers

Design for First-Timers

Source: baitihomes.biz

6. Mini-Makeover


7. A Waterfall of Flowers

A Waterfall of Flowers

Source: funtime.ge

8. Just Swinging in the Garden

Just Swinging in the Garden

By putting a garden swing in the garden of your home, you can create a vintage, romantic and comfortable seating area. Decorating this area with colorful flowers will make this place even more beautiful. What’s more, the small moves you can make will provide a more aesthetic look. For example, you can add your soul to your garden by painting the color of the swing according to your visual pleasure. You don’t have to throw all the little stones out of your garden. Sometimes the stones can create natural and beautiful images in your garden. For example, in the photo above, we can say that a very aesthetic image was created.


9. Modern Patio

Modern Patio

10. Keeping Weeds at Bay

Keeping Weeds at Bay

Source: yelp.com

11. Keeping the Tree

Keeping the Tree

Source: freshome.com

12. A Flower-Shaped Garden

A Flower-Shaped Garden

Source: iappfind.com

13. Look Up!

Look Up!

Source: whimsicalhomeandgarden.com

14. A Room of Your Own

A Room of Your Own

Source: flickr.com

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