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49 Best Bathroom (Wet Room) Design Ideas

Check Out 49 great wet room design ideas for 2020


BathroomDesigns   – The bathroom designs has come along the way in the past hundred years. Bathroom once was just a basic tub set filled with water in front of living room fire; bathing experience is now a cozy and luxury for almost every house design. Back then, only privileged and wealthy people can afford a bathroom in their home and this trend lead to mass production of bathroom products and accessories. Thanks to the advanced plumbing system and modern technology, the bathrooms have evolved as far as possible. With hydrotherapy baths and luxury steam rooms, it is hard to imagine how sophisticated a bathroom could be. Here are popular bathroom designs styles; Country, Traditional, Contemporary, Shabby chic and Fantasy.

A country style bathroom design is probably the easiest design type to create. The classic country bathroom designs are greatly associated with high beams, floral wallpaper, bath canopy and basin frills. Cast deep ridged sanitary and iron baths in order to get the nostalgic look on the country style bathroom designs. Plaid or floral curtains are preferred over shutters or roller blinds and it provides privacy as well as great adding to the country style bathroom design. Wood plays a major part for country style bathroom designs and almost all bathroom furniture for country style bathroom design works well in this setting, especially maple, ash, beech and oak vanity cabinets and units. Either wooden floors or tiles can be used; rustic colors should be used for tiles floors also perfect varnish should be used on wooden floors to match the furniture.

Traditional style bathroom designs could be mean either Victorian or Edwardian style or a standard white bathroom with basic bath and sanitary. Almost always traditional style bathroom designs put the bath in the center as a piece of attraction, a sleeper bath or a free-standing roll-top sits beautifully on a dark hardwood floor. Either a free-standing faucet or a wall-mounted one looks classy. Curved angles and deep ridges are the reasons that make the traditional sanitary ware is masculine and bold. Both bold and soft tones colors can work great when decorating a traditional style bathroom designs; Strong tones of maroons, browns, and greens create a nice warmth to the bathroom and with the perfectly chosen paint, an antique gold color can look better than a chrome. Choose curtains, never use blinds and vanity unit with cherry or oak finish are better than a traditional pedestal and basin, or you can choose white Cynk vanity because it will look good with traditional toilets and baths.

Shabby Chic actually is a new phrase to describe bathroom designs, is an obscure blend of style and neglect. This is one of the toughest bathroom designs and you need to take a bold decision to go for this Shabby Chic bathroom design. It certainly achieves its full potential if used in a continental house, either an old Spanish villa or a French chateau. Shabby Chic is an opposite of a fitted bathroom designs, it look is a mismatch of products and styles. You can do the unexpected such as putting a refrigerator at the corner. Absolutely nothing is expected to be match and plumbing and pipework are on show rather than get them concealed. The key to this bathroom designs is neutral tones and using a few dark colors, you can choose flat wall paint or a matte for the walls; pale golds and yellows also a great option.

Fantasy bathroom designs style is about anything more than conventional, this design allows you to be innovative with your tastes and fantasies. This bathroom design is exclusive for larger bathrooms only, all futuristic interior design with large open spaces is the factors that bring the room together. Whirlpool baths and steam cabins are an ideal choice for bathing and showering or you can combine a glass shower panel and well-designed bath screen. Waterproof television can be the ultimate luxury for fantasy bathroom designs.

1. Two-Tone Theme

49 Best Bathroom (Wet Room) Design Ideas

2. Central and Circular Wet Room

Central and Circular Wet Room

3. Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye

4. Teal Dream

Teal Dream

Source: bathroomist.com

5. Slate Prism

Slate Prism

6. Modern Cerulean

Modern Cerulean

7. Get Yellow

Get Yellow

Source: bobedre.dk

8. The Getaway Room

The Getaway Room

9. Black Honeycomb Wet Room Design

Black Honeycomb Wet Room Design

10. The Cauldron

The Cauldron

11. Brick Townhouse

Brick Townhouse

Source: chloearchitects.com

12. Red Confection

Red Confection

13. Open Space Wet Room Idea

Open Space Wet Room Idea

14. The Steam Room

The Steam Room

Source: albanbathrooms.co.uk

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