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28 DIY Wall Clock Ideas that will Give Your Interior a Unique Look

28 Creative DIY Wall Clock Ideas for On-Trend Interiors



Clocks are one of the most beautiful materials in your home that you can use to create a sophisticated image. Watches are used today in both retro decoration and modern decoration. So if you want to make a decoration that will never go out of your house, you have to use wall clocks! Wall clocks sometimes round and small. Such wall clocks are often the decorations used by people who prefer a minimal decoration. Some wall clocks remind us of a painting. Clocks based on oil paintings are generally evaluated between these wall clocks. These wall clocks are generally preferred by people who prefer more romantic and rustic decoration materials.

Today we will share with you both modern and rustic decoration types and wall clocks that attract the attention of many people. We did a thorough research for you. As a result of our research we found some of the wall clocks can be found in every store very easily, while some wall clocks can only be made in a carpenter. You can look at the article we wrote for you in an extremely easy way.

1. Tell Time by the Moon

Tell Time by the Moon

Would you like your wall clock to be a round and moon-like clock? It is easy to have this kind of decoration. Cut any board to be round. Always perform this cutting with the help of an expert. Otherwise, you may experience injuries or accidents. Once you’ve rounded your board, print a picture of the moon surface from the Internet. It will be extremely nice to print this photo on glossy paper. Stick this photo onto this round plate. Choose to use a strong glue when bonding. Then paste the scorpion and the yacht on your watch. Keep in mind that you need to place this scorpion and the minute hand in a mobile way. If you place a notch on the back of your wall clock, you can easily hang this wall clock on the wall. Here’s all this!

2. Industrial Spindle Top Wall Clock

Industrial Spindle Top Wall Clock

DIY Project Details: thediymommy.com

3. Mid-Century Modern Inspired Time Piece

Mid-Century Modern Inspired Time Piece

The watch you see in the photo above is an extremely beautiful and aesthetic hour. It is especially used by people who prefer minimal decoration types. Having two colors makes the watch look more decorative. In addition, the decorative objects in your room or at different points of your home will be more adaptable, this clock can be done quite easily. First of all, have a wooden plate and cut this board in round shape. As mentioned above, we recommend that you do this with the help of an expert. Then paint a part of your watch in yellow, the other part of pink paint. You can easily paint this watch divided in two by a ruler. Then you can get an aesthetic image by using your hour and minute hand on the top of your watch.

You can place the watch on the wall quite easily by placing one notch behind the plate. You can also buy these types of watches from the stores. If you do it yourself, you will get these products at more affordable prices.


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