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28 Cabinets for the Rustic Kitchen of Your Dreams


Rustically Yours: 28 Eye-Catching Kitchen Cabinets


The rustic style of furnishing in kitchens is becoming increasingly popular. Even in modern interiors, rustic furnishings can be surprising eye-catchers. Often these are high quality wood kitchens. Kitchen utensils, countertops, complementary furniture and accessories made of natural materials, or in rustic design can be combined to the country kitchen kitchens. With the right amount of modern and traditional elements, you could enjoy a vivid, coherent overall picture. Here you have the opportunity to browse and get inspired. The room inspirations can help you with your interior design to convey the right feeling of rustic atmosphere. If you want your kitchen to look original and special, you will find in your article detailed information on various decorating ideas for the country-style kitchen.


1. Maison-Chic Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Maison-Chic Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Designs

For example, a brick tiled stove with stove bench is a highlight in every tradition-conscious and cozy country kitchen. A communicative sitting area with corner seat integrates the dining room into the kitchen and invites to hearty meals or conversations. Traditionally darker woods dominate as materials in the rustic country house kitchen, where the grain is still clearly visible. For floor and wall coverings tiles are often used with rural motifs. Cozy accessories made of fabric, such as patterned curtains and tablecloths, as well as old cast-iron bakeware or other kitchen utensils for hanging are often to be found as a decoration in the alpine country kitchen.

2. Pacific Northwest Wood-Laid Kitchen

Pacific Northwest Wood-Laid Kitchen

For many people, not the living room, but the kitchen and the dining area is the heart of a home. The decor of a rustic kitchen is intended to beautify and deliberately characterize the benefits of the construction. Architectural features such as visible wooden beam constructions on the ceiling, as well as plenty of natural stone and wood visibly complete the desired impression. By choosing the color you make a statement. Just because it’s important that your rustic kitchen is sun-drenched, kitchen walls are often painted with a white coating that reflects the sun’s rays. A sunny, white rustic kitchen creates mental images that convey warmth, relaxation and conviviality.


3. Mediterannean Blue Rustic Kitchen

Mediterannean Blue Rustic Kitchen

Not only beautifully painted walls and furniture, but also special decorations make your kitchen a unique rustic kitchen with rural charm, in which one often and gladly resides. Particularly charming are large floor vases with fresh flowers, fabrics with floral patterns or checks, style-defining for the so-called “cottage style”, as well as porcelain as a utility or decorative element. Low saturated colors give a slight romantic touch.

The warmth and serenity of the rustic interiors, especially inspired by the Mediterranean, could easily be fetched into your own four walls. Mediterranean home accessories and kitchen furniture in the southern style, but also natural materials play a major role in the creation of a rustic ambience. Large, untreated wood tables and wrought iron chairs are particularly inviting. Cabinets, buffets or sideboards with feet in a special look set optical focus.

4. Shades of Slate Gray Cabinets

Shades of Slate Gray Cabinets

Far away from colorful kitchens with metal surfaces, above all kitchens in a rustic style conquer our hearts and our living space. What makes her so special? Rustic kitchens always have something down-to-earth, cozy and natural. Nostalgia, country house charm and modernity meet here and give the room an impressive character. We’ll show you how it looks like with some of our experts’ projects. The number of people who prefer such a room decoration is known to be low today. However, we strive to provide you with information about this issue. If you want, implement this kind of decoration set up.

5. Spring Eggshell Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Spring Eggshell Rustic Kitchen Cabinets


6. Weekend At The Hamptons Cabinets

Weekend At The Hamptons Cabinets

In this picture we see a rustic kitchen par excellence – because how could it be made even more rustic and rural?

7. Robin’s Egg Blue Hued Kitchen Cabinets

Robin's Egg Blue Hued Kitchen Cabinets

Source: homydesigns.com
The bright little tiles are a wonderful contrast to the dark wood of the kitchen. However, to dampen the cool effect of the tiles, parts of the kitchen wall were also clad with the wood. And in front of the rustic background, the good old teapot or the soup tureen are shown even better. In this project, the mix of materials and colors also makes the charm of the kitchen. Fancy tiles on the stove, a wooden ceiling, a massive dining table made of limed and a buffet of light wood make the decor appear imaginative and at the same time cozy. The hanging lamps made of metal form a material contrast to the wood, but fit, as well as the light in the industrial style on the right wall, harmoniously into the overall picture.

8. Forest Retreat Rustic Earth-Toned Kitchen

Forest Retreat Rustic Earth-Toned Kitchen

The floor, which is tiled with natural stone, harmonises perfectly with the wooden ceiling. Also in terms of decor, this kitchen meets all our expectations. Another example of how well a kitchen made of wood and traditional tiles can fit together, we see here.

9. Parisian Patisserie Style Cabinets

Parisian Patisserie Style Cabinets

Whom old wood is a bit too dark, you can of course equip your kitchen with lighter wood and still create a rustic look. What matters is above all the design of the environment. The wooden beams on the ceiling in this example probably contribute the most to the fact that we associate the room with something scenic. But also the presentation of the kitchen utensils as well as various fresh kitchen herbs reinforce our impression of a rustic kitchen equipment.

10. Rustic Soho Bistro Kitchen

Rustic Soho Bistro Kitchen

Source: pose.com.vn

White painting of kitchen walls spreads a breezy atmosphere. For more variety provide striking contrasts.

11. A Walk In The Woods Paneled Kitchen

A Walk In The Woods Paneled Kitchen

Source: steamboatlocalbrokers.com


12. Simple Country Cottage Wooden Cabinets

Simple Country Cottage Wooden Cabinets

Source: loversiq.com




13. Brooklyn Brownstone Rustic Wood & Brick Cabinet Fixture

Brooklyn Brownstone Rustic Wood & Brick Cabinet Fixture

Source: zillow.com


14. Shabby Chic Pantry Style Cabinets

Shabby Chic Pantry Style Cabinets

Source: indulgy.com
The white color hides the natural lines in the wood and changes its character. However, to create a unique kitchen front and you do not get the charm of self-coated wooden shelves, it is advisable not to use pure white, but to test out the different bright nuances. By brushing the kitchen in oak, you can wrap this and other pieces of furniture in a great shabby chic look. However, do not forget to sand the wood fronts before painting them for a clean and optimal result.


15. Aspen Mountain Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Décor

Aspen Mountain Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Décor



16. A Prairie Home Companion Cabinets

A Prairie Home Companion Cabinets

Source: beeyoutifullife.com


17. Earl Gray Rustic Cabinets

Earl Gray Rustic Cabinets


18. Enchanted Forest Glass Paneled Cabinets

Enchanted Forest Glass Paneled Cabinets


19. Scandinavian Sea Cottage Kitchen

Scandinavian Sea Cottage Kitchen

20. Hudson Valley Style Rustic Kitchen

Hudson Valley Style Rustic Kitchen

21. Upstairs/Downstairs Victorian Style Kitchen

Upstairs/Downstairs Victorian Style Kitchen


22. New England Style Colonial Kitchen

New England Style Colonial Kitchen

23. Sierra Escape Rustic Wood & Stone Kitchen

Sierra Escape Rustic Wood & Stone Kitchen

24. Moody Blues & Stormy Gray Hued Kitchen

Moody Blues & Stormy Gray Hued Kitchen


25. Antique Hardware Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets

Antique Hardware Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets

26. Cabin In The Wood-Paneled Kitchen

Cabin In The Wood-Paneled Kitchen

27. Rustic Key Lime Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic Key Lime Kitchen Cabinets





  1. rough kitchen (rustic oak)
    I have a problem. We moved into an apartment in which an equipped kitchen in rustic oak was present. In the beginning, when we were still in the equipped kitchen that was not so bad. Meanwhile, however, she is absolutely horrible!
    Can someone tell me if I can somehow sand down the front or something like that? The easiest way would of course be to buy a new one, but the money is missing. I imagined that the cabinets at the end Swedish – white
    Unfortunately, I do not know what I have to do before with the doors and so on. Does anyone have advice for me?
    I am thankful for every hint!

    • Dreadful kitchen (rustic oak)
      First of all, it would be important to know what surface the kitchen fronts have made of real wood or plastic, and the fronts are smooth or profiled.
      In general, I would sand the doors and paint twice with a covering varnish. For smooth fronts, this is relatively easy to accomplish with an eccentric or orbital sander, with profiled fronts, tedious manual work is required. Oh so when painting necessarily use a roll and no brush.
      Alternatively, you can consider whether you want to replace the fronts. On the one hand, there are prefabricated fronts in DIY stores, or you build the fronts themselves. Simply cut veneered chipboard or joiner board to fit (let it be) iron on edge banding and then pickle, varnish or simply paint the surface as required. Then drill holes for cup hinges and handles, screw on and you’re done.
      Especially in DIY you have unlimited options on how you want to make the fronts, might be worth considering.

      • Dreadful kitchen (rustic oak)
        Thanks for the email. The fronts are profiled and solid oak
        I am aware that it is a lot of work, I am at the moment
        but not sure if I want to do this to me. There would be 11 doors and 5
        Drawers + the outside of 1 single door wall unit.I have
        Also, no idea how many days I would have to plan for it. Which paint / varnish is best used, which primer?
        Thanks again!
        Kind regards.

        • Hello Silvia,
          if the kitchen doors consist of profiled solid oak, then it could be counter profiled frame doors with flattened filling.
          There is a lot of work to be done in this way of construction, such doors have actually been made for generations. If the carcass parts are made of 16-19 mm coated chipboard, these have, apart from the fittings, only a fraction of the value of the 11 doors.
          Oak itself is not dark but light brown with a hint of green.
          A stain or glaze would probably be grindable, which is only the o.g. Profiles made something difficult.
          If you want to try it, unscrew a door, go with it
          Carpenter, tell him what you plan to do. If he is nice he will give you the right one (grinding line, is not in the hardware store) in various grits a sanding block and a bit of wiping cotton or steel wool.
          Then try on a door, it will look good when the dark stuff is down.

        • I prefer to see a wood as a white surface.

          The fact that in the 70s “rustic oak” was a trend “did not come from the bad taste of the buyers, but from the taste of the time.” It’s not a hit for me to paint in the 70s. “In the 70s, a white, roughened wallpaper was just the next room, so do not demonize everything – many tourists love a rustic environment because it radiates tranquility.”

          As for your problem – if you are a bit talented, workmanship is an alternative – remove all front parts – doors etc and replace them with coated panels – edges;) Attach edge lays and rebuild new locks – done – on best of a carpenter. Was already available in the furniture trade.

          Advantage You have replacement doors at trend reversal and the often high-quality basket is retained.


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