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25 Spooky Etsy Halloween Decorations to Get Your Home Ready for the Holiday

Hello my friends, as you see the weather turning cooler and it say to us that Halloween is quickly approaching. From carving pumpkins to creating a full-blown haunted house in your front yard, Halloween is potentially one of the most celebrated holidays across the country. We must have a specific decor for this celebrate, But Halloween decorations don’t need to be dark, dreary and drab. Even if you’re not looking to scare the neighborhood children, you can still get in the Halloween mood.

Trying to Build a Haunted House? These 25 Ideas Will Help You Get There


1. Happy Halloween Wooden Pumpkins

Happy Halloween Wooden Pumpkins


The unique Happy Halloween with wooden pumpkins, that made with set of three wood carved rectangular. You can paint orange and brown as a real pumpkin would be. Two larger wooden pumpkins have paint on jack-o-lantern faces, the third pumpkin, the smallest in the set, must have a small spider and the words “Happy Halloween” paint.

2. Halloween Themed Ornamented String Lights

Halloween Themed Ornamented String Lights

You think the string lights are almost exclusively of Christmas, ok we say no isn’t, because decoration get more and more creative, we have no ” traditional” decoration anymore. Just look at this Halloween themed ornamented string lights that can prove it.

3. “Not Every Witch” Framed Print

“Not Every Witch” Framed Print

If you want have unique you can Hang this print on its own for an interesting burst of Halloween fun or put it in a collage of other Halloween-themed prints.

4. Monster Mash Throw Pillows

Monster Mash Throw Pillows


Do you love Halloween characters? you can bring them to your home for a perfect decoration with pillows featuring a black cat, a jack-o-lantern, a mummy, a ghost, and a green monster.

5. Witch Burst Wreath

Witch Burst Wreath

6. Spooky Shadows Halloween Candle holder

Spooky Shadows Halloween Candleholder

You can make unique decoration with spooky shadows Halloween candle holder that needs  a simple box-like structure to cast on your wall. For example in the front, painted in back , reads the word “Halloween” in dripping letters. Also you can add bat to take flight from the letter “O”. And about the background, there we have three jack-o-lanterns with menacing looks on their faces that we can painting it orange.

7. Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Wine Glasses

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Wine Glasses

Do you want invite your friends to a Halloween party, you can use the Dead sugar skull wine glasses they are perfect to get everyone in the mood and the best Halloween decoration.

8. A Witch, A Devil, and Some Little Monsters Sign

A Witch, A Devil, and Some Little Monsters Sign

Ok welcome to our home please enter carefully because we living with a wicked witch, a handsome devil, and their little monsters. In fact you didn’t need to long speech just show with an outdoor sign, it’s a good idea for get the entire other in the mood Halloween.

9. Skull Plant Holders

What is better than a realistic tabletop skull plant holders? The skull plant holders can be a great Halloween idea for smaller appointment, that you can place on fireplace mantel, coffee table, or even windowsill.

10. BOO! Halloween Wreath Print

BOO! Halloween Wreath Print


You are tight for space but still want to decorate for Halloween, you can adding some Halloween themed prints to your walls, even This BOO!looks great, Halloween Wreath Print comes in classic Halloween colors of black, orange, and white so it will fit well in a frame collage of other similar prints.

11. Witch and Pumpkin Halloween Decor

Witch and Pumpkin Halloween Décor


12. Candy Corn Welcome Sign

Candy Corn Welcome Sign


You think Halloween is just about monsters, spooky, ghosts or scary witches? I think you forgot the sweet thing about Halloween, I wanna remind you candy. You can have decorate as candy corn welcome sign.

13. Spider Pumpkin Holder

Spider Pumpkin Holder


A metal spider with open body, it can be crazy and simple idea for your front porch.

14. Burlap Jack-o-Lantern Wreath

Burlap Jack-o-Lantern Wreath


15. Zombie Hand Cupcake Decorations

Zombie Hand Cupcake Decorations


We want sweet Halloween party, ok we have idea for decorative cupcake is the hand zombie.

16. Bat Wall Decals

Bat Wall Decals


You can’t imagine how much bats can be great and eye-catching on your wall, As 3D style decals, the wings of each bat are bent to look as if they are flying.

17. Trick-or-Treat Garland Sign

Trick-or-Treat Garland Sign


About decor for your fireplace mantel, the Trick-or-Treat Garland sign will be nice. they are comprised of small wooden tiles strung together to create a long sign that is perfect for hanging on your fireplace mantel.

18. Halloween Date with Spider Sign

Halloween Date with Spider Sign
19. Mini Ghost Candles
Mini Ghost Candles


The best decorate and more common is ghost. But maybe have no space for the big ghost, so what can we to do? Or even maybe you’re looking to decorate a small space like an apartment, a bathroom, or want a Halloween-inspired gift for visitor of your holiday party. The mini ghost candle is wonderful.

20. Halloween Party Display Set

Halloween Party Display Set


Do you want invite your friends to a special Halloween party and have no idea for it? You can have memorable party with this customizable Halloween party Display set, create your  own display cards for your food items featuring disturbing descriptions like “dead monster” or “Eat drink and become a vampire” and etc.

21. Coffin Display Chest

Coffin Display Chest
22. Plush Ghost Ornaments
Plush Ghost Ornaments


The small, cute, simple and funny idea is these plush ghost ornaments that are perfect addition to any home. If they have string hook you can hung in a variety of places to infuse a bit of Halloween spirit.

23. Black and White Skeleton Wreath

Black and White Skeleton Wreath


Show to other that you are serious about decoration for Halloween with this black and white skeleton wreath.

24. Tabletop Witch Hat Stand

Table Top Witch Hat Stand


You want a witch hot that can simply place the table top or fireplace mantel, a dresser, or even on an entry way table to be the first thing your visitors see.

25. Black, Orange, and Tan Spider Halloween Wreath

Black, Orange, and Tan Spider Halloween Wreath


A inexpensive witch’s wreath that can make with cheap material, for example for stuffing use newspaper and for design use with, black and orange mesh ribbon.


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