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25 Decoration Ideas to Getting Your Dream Nautical Bathroom

Hello everybody, when I was child always afraid of bathroom I don’t know why but I remember my mother with a few tricks destroyed all my fears, my mother created a nautical bathroom decoration and I became a sailor. May be your dream had been a nautical bathroom, so with the aid of a few tricks of the trade, we can get this dream, or maybe you have kids like me then you must read this article.

25 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom Into a Maritime Paradise

A blue accent is the first step, to reach our dream nautical bathroom. For example, paint walls blue to reflect the colour of the ocean, but we can choose a wide range of different hues of blue that depends on our intensity that we wish to have. Or even we can use blue tiles on your bathroom floor and certain parts of the walls.

A circular window is one of the most distinct features of ships. The sailors often called it bull’s eye and it is the porthole in ships. For more maritime feeling you should use the mirrors that have similar frames to the porthole or use the ship’s steering wheel designs. With further accentuate to these designs you’ll surely have Nautical Bathroom similar your dreams.

1. Starfish and Corals

Nautical BathroomSource: uhadewallo.com

With install a white shelve and place some sea stars on it and add one corals with medium size this can be show that what you want it. with serve dishes that full half-way with shells don’t forget the hooks and its better that you can choose white color that this color can be great for your home. can be help you about design a good design. For more information click on link.

2. Nautical Candle

Nautical Bathroom

3. „The Beach is Over There”

Nautical Bathroom

4. Rope Towel Holder

Nautical BathroomSource: h2obungalow.com

5. Display your Nautical Decorations with Wood Crates

Nautical Bathroom

Source: soulstyle.ca

6. A Daily Reminder to Relax

Nautical Bathroom

7. You Can’t Get More Nautical than This

Nautical Bathroom

8. Cute Nautical Bathroom Décor

Nautical BathroomSource: boxerscleatsandme.blogspot.com

9. A Clever Way to Decorate with Paddles

Nautical Bathroom

10. Make your Bathroom Unique with Candles

Nautical Bathroom

11. Can’t Get Enough of Starfish

Nautical Bathroom

Source: marsonikon.com

For compered space the shelves is the best choice because they will occupy a little bit space instead will give us more usable space, in fact they can change the useless space to usable space and it will so good for small space. Place your decor with sea and ocean theme like starfish, corals and shells on these functional shelve. And for hold your paper toilet use a wicker basket. For more click on link.

12. Simple but Cute Nautical Bathroom Decoration

Nautical Bathroom

Source: mintleafberkeley.com

13. Nautical Bath Tray

Nautical Bathroom

14. Dreamlike Nautical Bathroom Design

Nautical BathroomSource: southernrevivals.com

15. Stylish Wall Décor

Nautical Bathroom

Source: feelfree_k.loveitsomuch.com

16. Beach in a Bottle

Nautical Bathroom

17. Starfish Gallery

Nautical Bathroom

Source: lindaberner.com

18. Nautical Floating Shelf for Storage and Decor

Nautical Bathroom

19. A Mini Gallery Wall for the Bathroom

Nautical Bathroom

Source: theoffiz.com

In this design we have a lot items that catching you probably. At first we consider a new and cute idea for shelf, a ship shape for shelve with old brown color you can put a small sea star on it or somethings else. And use a wicker basket for hold your towels. And the end install some photo frame with sea star and shell design it will good. Click on link for more.

20. Rustic Meets Nautical

Nautical Bathroom

21. Old-School Photo Frame Gives Charm to your Bathroom

Nautical Bathroom

A simple sign from sea and ocean in your bathroom, with the best choice about picture for old-school photo frame you will give a fantastic feel to space. A light blue color can complement this design. For more information click on link.

22. Simple but Stylish

Nautical Bathroom

23. Nautical Beach Dresser

Nautical Bathroom

Source: 4theloveofwood.blogspot.com

24. Your Very Own Beach House

Nautical Bathroom

What do you need? Only a scarp wooden boards some hooks( it’s better they have shells shape) to make your own beach design. Write on board what you want like “BEACH HOUSE” . Some sea stars can compliment this design.

25. Cool Nautical Bathroom Decor on a Budget

Nautical BathroomSource: weskaap.com

A simple curtain with two color such as dark blue and white can be perfect mix to remind a sail. For walls you can use the some hand-craft drawing that appear with ship’s steering wheel shape or ship and even sea anchor it will be so fantastic and inexpensive design. Click on link for see more.


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