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23 Spooktacular Halloween Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Goblins, Ghoulies and Ghosts: 23 Halloween Craft Ideas that the Kids will Love


Hi friends, Are you ready for Halloween?. If you are a true Halloween fan, it’s time to show your love with our scary Halloween decorations. I really love Halloween because it is interesting to scare people and do this cute things…

Today, I am the mother of three kids. I have tried very hard to do some projects with my oldest daughter. In some projects, my daughter did not want us to help her. Her willingness to accept the project made me a very happy mother. The hand skills and personal development of my daughter were also very positive. It was very good for us to spend time together. We are all tired, but we were very happy with the nice DIY projects. Halloween conjures Pictures of scary ghosts, Googly-eyed Tube Monsters, black cats, Cup Monsters, evil witches and flying bats. You can rebuild many of them
these pictures with fun and easy craft.

This time we will show you insanely stylish, creative and beautiful ideas! Let us make a nice educational trip together.

As your child creates masterpieces using the How To tutorials, they help develop visual spatial skills, problem-solving skills, language skills, and motor skills.

Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids | Halloween Craft Ideas

I hope you have enjoyed this light children’s craft and if you like what you see, do not forget to follow me.

1. Friendly Cotton Ball Halloween Crafts

Friendly Cotton Ball Halloween Crafts

Great crafts! Perfect for Halloween 🎃 👻 Thank you for reading! 👍 Are you ready for a super easy DIY jewelry tutorials? Grab your hot glue gun and start creating with us!

DIY Project Details: thrivinghomeblog.com

2. Toilet-paper Tube Hanging Bats

Toilet-paper Tube Hanging Bats

awesome thanks you helped me with halloween. 😱 How easy is everything … I will put it into practice. Many Thanks. 👻🎃🎃👻

DIY Project Details: buggyandbuddy.com

3. Paper Plate Spider Web Activity

Paper Plate Spider Web Activity

Cute cute and so easy!!! Loved this! Where is my paper? Thank you!
People should be positive!!!! Ignore their drama!!!!! It’s about how you showed us a neat pumpkin very fast for our homes and friends.

DIY Project Details: nowoodenspoons.blogspot.com

4. Hand Print Witch Paper Craft

Hand Print Witch Paper Craft

Are you ready to have fun with your child? Easy craft for children to make them happy, I hope I can help you to work better together. Learn how to make a handprint witch craft for kids! Handprint crafts are always a favorite with young children. All you need is 3 deffarent color paper and are some paint and you’re all set to make this fun Halloween art project.

DIY Project Details: craftymorning.com

5. Painted Hand Print Dracula Halloween Decoration

Painted Hand Print Dracula Halloween Decoration

We all know how important games are for children. Children develop their emotions by playing games. Some games are very effective in developing attention. This Halloween should be a nice game for your child. I think it would be fun.

DIY Project Details: craftymorning.com

6. Party Cup Monsters

Party Cup Monsters

I love this style of authentic ideas! I never thought to turn a flower pot into a spider. Thanks to the author for this nice idea…

DIY Project Details: thesimpleparent.com

7. Pine Cone and Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Pine Cone and Pipe Cleaner Spiders

We loved these puppets! I actually got 😨 scared this is so realistic. love it! Halloween doesn’t count if there’s no spooky atmosphere. We are going to try to make our own creepy spider. 🙂

DIY Project Details: livecrafteat.com

8. Woven Craft Stick Spider Webs

Woven Craft Stick Spider Webs

I came across an interesting project and was happy again.

DIY Project Details: thecraftingchicks.com

9. Hand Print Halloween Banner

Hand Print Halloween Banner

Door decorations are very important in Halloween. I found a fun project to have a good time with our kids.

DIY Project Details: craftsbyamanda.com
10. Mr. Bones, the Paper Plate Skeleton

Mr. Bones, the Paper Plate Skeleton

DIY Project Details: momendeavors.com

11. Googly-eyed Toilet-paper Tube Monsters

Googly-eyed Toilet-paper Tube Monsters

Today in our Halloween Crafts series you’ll learn how to make this cute toilet paper roll mummy which is another awesome Halloween Craft for your kids. an incredibly simple project. My daughter herself finished the project easily and without help.

DIY Project Details: danyabanya.com

12. Spooky Halloween Craft Design: Vampire Spoons

Spooky Halloween Craft Design: Vampire Spoons

DIY Project Details: easypeasyandfun.com

13. Flying Bat Resist Painting

Flying Bat Resist Painting

This project was a bit difficult, girl. He had to get help from me. Of course I helped and completed the project.

DIY Project Details: craftymorning.com

14. Spooky Hand Print Spiders with Webs

Spooky Hand Print Spiders with Webs

DIY Project Details: momendeavors.com

15. Melt-and-pour Spider Soaps

Melt-and-pour Spider Soaps

Make Halloween fun with these simple Halloween crafts. On this Halloween you have the most beautiful house.

DIY Project Details: milkandcuddles.com

16. Haunted Halloween Craft Stick Cottage

Haunted Halloween Craft Stick Cottage

DIY Project Details: happilyeverlyafter.com

17. Fierce Flock of Cake-plate Bats

Fierce Flock of Cake-plate Bats

Wow this was really cool! I’m definitely gonna try these…

DIY Project Details: diaryofaworkingmom.com

18. Coffee Filter Jack-o-Lantern Sun Catchers

Coffee Filter Jack-o-Lantern Sun Catchers

Such great crafts! I like the 3D look of the pumpkin and cat! They looks so simple to make too!

DIY Project Details: artsymomma.com

19. Chinese Jack-o-Lanterns

Chinese Jack-o-Lanterns

If you’re reading this… your perfect… your clever… you can stick up for your rights… your grateful and intelligent… your kind.. you can be whoever you want to be… you can do whatever you want to do…your the best… you are lovely and loved… you have been blessed by God… 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 😂😂💝💝❤️💖💚💟👌💛💜❣️💚💘💙💕💘💘💘💕👍👍😘🎉🎉😜💓💓😍😜🎉😊🎀🎀😅🎊🎊🖖🛍👏👏😅🙏🙏❣️💝

DIY Project Details: busymommymedia.com

20. Witch’s Kitty Paper Cat

Witch’s Kitty Paper Cat

Child uses their hands, mind and imagination to discover the artist within as they create easy and unique arts and crafts for every occasion. From play doh to paper and everything in between, these DIY tutorials are not only enjoyable but also explore your kids’ creativity.

DIY Project Details: easypeasyandfun.com

21. Ferocious Monster Tissue Boxes

Ferocious Monster Tissue Boxes

Great. These crafts are so easy😊 👻🎃😻
I will defenetly try this with my daughter 😄
We are from california and I don’t know where she got it from, but she’d love to celebrate Halloween

DIY Project Details: porch.com

22. Hand and Footprint Canvases

Hand and Footprint Canvases

my favorite thing i’ve ever made was a painting i made using ruler as a brush i love it! 🙂

Halloween is so fun and scary.Some time scary stuff come in my mind when it is Halloween.The best part is Trick or Treating.

DIY Project Details: pinterest.com

23. Giant Tissue-paper Spiders

Giant Tissue-paper Spiders

This is very helpful! The craft is simple, funny and scary. I like this!

That made me scary … a wonderful wonderful creation … a true artist … 😍

DIY Project Details: blog.partydelights.co.uk
Fortunately, we are here to help you with these simple DIY decoration ideas that you can use for your upcoming party! Your guests will love these creative and scary idea ones.


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