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15 Fabulous Ways to Brighten Up Your Home with DIY Mason Jar Lights



Recently, one of the most remarkable objects among home decoration ideas is jars. Thanks to the jars, many people can create an alternative lighting decoration in their home. Home lighting has become quite popular in recent times. For example, in many decoration markets new methods and techniques of home lighting have been sold. If you want to create an aesthetic, functional and original lighting decoration in your home, all you need to do is read this article as soon as possible. In our article, there are many different jars and lighting decoration. You can adapt any of these ideas to your home. After examining the many decorating ideas we have researched for you, you can try to implement these decoration ideas with the help of photographs. Let’s get started.


1. Painted Leaf Candle Holder

Painted Leaf Candle Holder

The idea of decorating above is very suitable for people who like colorful decoration. When jars are covered with fabrics or papers of different colors in general, an extremely aesthetic image will appear. Then, medium jars should be placed in these jars. In order for the medium-sized candles to burn comfortably, it may be necessary to create oxygen binders in jars. Therefore, holes can be drilled on the jars. These jars should then be placed on top of each other. In this way, it is possible to obtain a more aesthetic image. Then you can add any decorations you want on these clutches. In this way, you will get a much more interesting decoration. In order to implement this decoration idea as soon as possible, all you have to do is buy jars and candles!

2. String Lights Table Jar Lamp

String Lights Table Jar Lamp

Another decoration idea that can be created with jars can be realized by using rope lights. You can place the lights that are made from the rope used for the New Year in your transparent jars. If you want to use this decoration idea, you must make a hole in some of your jar. Otherwise, you cannot make your cable contact with electricity. We recommend you to get professional help when drilling this hole. In this way, you will be decorated seamlessly. Then place a few jars side by side to get a stronger image. We recommend you to use the idea of this process, especially during Christmas.

3. Rock Bottom Side Wall Lamp

Rock Bottom Side Wall Lamp

DIY Project Details: mountainmodernlife.com

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