100 years of fashion in two minutes


Get ready for a trip down fashion’s memory lane. I liked the styles for the wonderful, the fun, so elegant and chic to walk around without getting strangers. why did we stop wearing gloves? I feel like we regret this decision. they’re nice. 1915-1965: Women were looking smart, intelligent and self-conscious and were successfully fighting for womens rights and equality. In 2 minutes, we’re highlighting top style trends, from 1915 to today. I think my favorites are the ones from 1935, the one from 1945, the one from 1965.

I personally loved the style from 1920s all the way up to 1970s just because I loved the colors I also like the 80s hair and 90s outfit, 2015 outfit was ok but I would love to be born in the 1920s to 70s there fashion is soo cute and I love how every thing was pure.



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