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50 Incredible DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorials


50 Creative Homemade Decor Ideas for the Holidays


New year periods are one of the periods when people want the most innovation in home decoration. Therefore, new decorating ideas are often sought during new year periods. In general, the colors and shapes found in the Christmas decorations are clear. Therefore, many people want to create an original and different image in their homes. If you are in search of an original and different Christmas decoration image, you should read the rest of our article as soon as possible. In the continuation of our article, there are many Christmas decoration ideas for you. These decorating ideas in which red, black and silver colors are popular are extremely aesthetic and modern. By choosing one of these decorating ideas, you can adapt to your home as soon as possible. If you’d like, let’s go to the part where we’re explaining these ideas.

1. Button Baubles

Button Baubles

DIY Project Details: livelovediy.com


2. Felt and Button Ornament

Felt and Button Ornament

If you’re looking for affordable and extremely fun DIY ideas for Christmas, you’re in the right place! You will like this decoration idea very much. You can make miniature decorations with the most used cartons and fabrics in recent times and you can hang these decorations at any point in your home. To make these decorations, you must first cut a fabric in a circle. You can use some circle molds for this. You should perform this cutting with the help of scissors. Then put some additional fabrics on this fabric so that you can create any motifs you like. For example, in the picture above, white ornaments were used to form snowmen. After you cut them with the help of scissors, you can stick them on your circle ornament with the help of adhesive.


3. Rustic Wood Rounds

Rustic Wood Rounds

One of the most commonly used decoration ideas for Christmas decorations is undoubtedly wooden materials. Most of the wood materials will give your home a very romantic and modern look. Recently, wooden materials are frequently used and therefore popular in the field of home decoration. In order to make your wooden materials practical and usable, you must perform cutting with a saw. You should take the necessary precautions when doing this. If you are not an adult, you should not do this alone. Then draw the motifs you want with a knife or a paint on these wooden pieces that you cut in the shape of a circle. This should be done by an adult. You can easily use this board at any point after making the decorations. In this way, you will have made extremely aesthetic decorations at a very reasonable price. There are also some motif suggestions that you can use for these decorations! For example, deer, snowman, Santa Claus motifs may be suitable for you.


4. Sequined Balls

Sequined Balls

DIY Project Details: goodshomedesign.com


5. Reindeer Ornaments

Reindeer Ornaments

DIY Project Details: scissorsandspoons.com


6. Ice Cream Cones

Ice Cream Cones

DIY Project Details: cheercrank.com



7. DIY Ornament Packets

DIY Ornament Packets

DIY Project Details: ideas.evite.com


8. Spool Ornaments

Spool Ornaments

DIY Project Details: pinterest.com


9. Birdseed Ornament

Birdseed Ornament

You can put the nuts in your containers with small and different shapes. In this way, both guests will be welcomed with quite aesthetic materials, and you will get a different image. You can use wood and plastic materials to make different containers and plates yourself. Get professional help during construction. All you need is some of plates!



10. Paw Prints

Paw Prints

DIY Project Details: makezine.com


11. Gilded Reindeer Head

Gilded Reindeer Head

DIY Project Details: serendipityrefined.com


12. Scrabble Ornaments

Scrabble Ornaments

DIY Project Details: craftsbyamanda.com



13. Burlap Ornaments

Burlap Ornaments

DIY Project Details: trinketsinbloom.com


14. Twine Ball Ornaments

Twine Ball Ornaments

DIY Project Details: lovegrowswild.com


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